V. Penelope Pelizzon
May 2005



            For Lynne McMahon

A week in January warm as this
has the environmentalists

shaking heads; and the redbud now
blushes recklessly, though snow

forecasted in the coming days
will quickly punish it. Why,

knowing chlorofluorocarbons
kindled this week’s bright blazons,

are we lightened? Over the college lawn
laughter wafts from bodies strewn

beside a Frisbee game, whose players
shed their winter layers and use

cast-off coats to mark the goal.
Haven’t we been schooled?

How suspect a chemical
is happiness, while the sun’s unveiled

eye all evidence shows we should fear
still makes us bask in its splendor.

From The Hudson Review Vol. LVI.4 (2004).