Welcome to [PoetryNet]

                               "I am going down to the shallow edge to begin again,
                                Joseph, with a first line, with an old net, the same expedition.
                                I will study the opening horizon, the scansion's strokes of the rain,
                                to dissolve in a greater fiction than our lives, the sea, the sun."
                                                                --Derek Walcott, from "Italian Eclogues, iv"

PoetryNet is a loose association of poets willing to cast into uncharted waters. Each of the satellite sites that together form PoetryNet is independently edited by a different poet or group of poets. The freedom from economic and geographic constraints offered by the Internet allows PoetryNet to escape considerations of personality, purse, and proximity to a degree perhaps impossible in traditional print forums. Tangled in these pages, you will find many styles and schools of poetry, a wide range of perspective and subject: the unpredictable bounty of our common toil in a sea of words.